A Journey
of Purpose & Vision

Mahfouz & Refai Story

Our journey began with a clear vision and a shared passion for driving meaningful change across various areas of business practices. While we may not have come from a traditional consulting background, our deep expertise and complementary experiences served as the foundation for our consulting firm.

We recognized the unmet needs, and challenges that organizations face in navigating a rapidly evolving business environment. With our specialized knowledge and firsthand experience, we saw an opportunity to make a real difference by providing tailored solutions that directly address these unique pain points.

As entrepreneurs at heart, we are not just consultants – we are partners on your journey to success. We founded this consultancy to reflect our values, expertise, and commitment to excellence.


To be recognized as the leading catalyst for transformation in the MEA region, empowering our clients to unlock their full potential, enhance their capabilities, and shape a prosperous future.


Our passion is to empower
businesses to become best at what they do and partner with them by providing top quality services that create real value.
Our Values


Our values guide our actions and shape the way we engage to build trusted relationships.

Client-Centric Approach

We listen, understand your unique needs and customize our services to help you achieve significant results

Leadership & Collaboration

Bringing Leadership that guides you towards success

Excellence in Execution

Providing you with outstanding solutions that make a lasting impact

Authenticity & Trust

We maintain the highest ethical standards and act with integrity in all interactions

Results-Driven Partnership

Our success is tied to yours



We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to help businesses achieve their goals. Our core expertise lies in analyzing and transforming organizations to drive business growth and operational excellence. Through strategic financial insights, supply chain optimization, manufacturing enhancements, and the development of business strategies, we enable businesses to optimize their operations and seize growth opportunities. Our focus on organizational development and corporate governance ensures that businesses can adapt to change and overcome challenges.



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